New Members

A warm welcome to new members who are considering joining our friendly and inclusive swim club.

In the first instance, parents of children who wish to join are invited to contact our swim coach who will organise a pool test (please don’t be daunted by this) to assess your child’s skills.  This will help place your child in the correct group according to their ability and their age.

Adults who wish to join; please contact our swim coach who will chat to you about your skills, what you want to achieve and which session may suit you best!  Again, we are a very friendly and inclusive group with a passion for encouraging each other.  Come along and try out a session – you can go at your pace!

We will need you to fill in the following forms and return them to a member of the swim team as a hard copy, or electronically to the membership secretary.

  1. August 2018 ISC Membership Form[1]
  2. August 2018 ISC
  3. 2019 ISC Renewal Memberhip Form